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Well Hi.


You have stumbled upon the Yonts + Co Blog - lucky you…

We are more than excited to start providing you with content. It has been a dream of ours to share stories, insight, and fun since the agency began. And now, it’s time!

We just want to introduce ourselves and let you know who we are before we start this blogging relationship (it’s going to be a great relationship, by the way).

First, you should know about the the lady behind the name:

Yonts + Co all started with Jessica Yonts. Jessica and her husband, Bryse, always had a dream of establishing their own creative and marketing agency, ever since they met at Murray State University. But again, that was just a dream. Something in the back of their minds, but this dream never seemed fully reachable.

In 2016, the agency was founded upon Jess’ passion for a strategic approach to all things branding and marketing. Utilizing her 15 years of experience within many different industries led Jessica to build this agency with a mission to first establish goals for each brand, then create a plan to share the clients’ passions for what they do with everyone around them.

As you can imagine, so much has changed since 2016. The Yonts + Co team has grown to include brand managers, creative managers, web developers, and a production team. This growth was executed to bring clients a unique and creative solution within the marketing realm.

Now you may be wondering, “Anyone know what this whole ‘brand architects’ thing is?” We use this name because building strong brands requires foundations that are built on strategy and experience. Just like great architecture, reliable and strong foundations are essential. We have a sense of responsibility for the growth of our brands, and the goals that are put forth in order to grow our clients’ companies.

We truly want to become an extension of your team with a passion to execute each brands’ creative story.

So, there you have it. Now that you know us, we can’t wait to continue to share more about who are, what we do, and what we love. Our blog will house some educational posts (for those marketing nerds out there), industry related content, and stories about our team.

This blogging journey has just begun. Please remember that a relationship is a two-way we would love your feedback as we share our thoughts.

Did we mention that we are excited? No? Ok, well we are.

We’ll chat soon.

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