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Do You Have A Brand Or Just A Logo?

While both terms are often used interchangeably, there is a big difference between a logo and a brand. In our world of marketing, that difference actually seems larger than life. Without a proper understanding of what makes your brand unique and marketable, it’s hard for any business to thrive. So… the Yonts + Co team is going to help you understand the difference between a simple logo and a complex and recognizable brand.

A brand is a STORY.

What is the story of your company? Why, when, and how did you start it? Your passion for what you do, achieving your goals, and meeting the needs of your clients and customers along the way is what builds your brand and reputation.

A brand is the QUALITY of your PRODUCTS.

What you make matters - and making it consistent is also important. Like having a brand story, having a positive reputation is important - especially when it comes to your products.

A brand is made up by PEOPLE.

Your team, employees, clients and customers, etc. - all of them play a key role in determining what your brand is, and who it works for.

A brand is your PURPOSE and PASSION.

In the end, a brand is ultimately your vision and how it comes to life. Your way of working and communicating your message to the world is what makes your business more reputable and iconic than anything else - including a killer logo.

However, with that being said…

A brand is also your VISUALS.

THIS is where the logo and/or visual element comes into play. While a brand builds up who you are, a logo is what makes you identifiable.

So, while a brand and a logo are very different, they should work together. Think of some of your favorite businesses and how their logo, fonts, and colors might play into their brand and values.

If you have any thoughts, questions, OR need some brand or logo work done, reach out to the Yonts + Co team today.

Not only will we get you looking good, we’ll make sure you’re telling your brand story as effectively as possible - which leads to the success of your company.

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