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One of the top questions digital marketing agencies get asked in 2020 is the classic, “How do I grow my social media?”

While social media is a jungle of complex algorithms and an endless stream of content, you shouldn’t let it intimidate you.

Everyone’s social media approach and goals are different and tailored for their individual and/or business needs, but the Yonts + Co team has provided a few of our favorite ways to grow most social media platforms!

- Stay engaged

Like, comment, and view other content (like stories) to build organic reach and engagement. It’s called SOCIAL media for a reason!

- Pay attention to algorithm changes

Understanding the algorithms (AKA the likelihood that your content will show up on the feeds of others) is KEY. These algorithms change constantly to level the playing field, but a few things always remain true. Did you know repeatedly using the same hashtags in the same order can hurt reach? That’s just a simple example of an algorithm rule that is SUPER important for growth!

- Pay attention to analytics

Most social media platforms provide analytics for accounts, especially business ones. However, there are also some great third-party apps to learn more about the best time to post, your target audience, and so much more. Analytics are a cornerstone in digital marketing.

- Post regularly, but not too much

We all know two types of people on Instagram: those that haven’t posted since 2013, and those that post every breathing moment. It’s best to focus on quality over quantity, but as a business, posting around 3 times a week is a great move. However, platforms that are more “in the moment”, such as stories or Twitter, can be a little more than that.

- Hashtags are your friend

...but use them wisely! Make sure you’re using company/industry related hashtags, post-specific hashtags, and also switching up the order and frequency of their use. It’s also not a bad idea to jump on trends every now and then, but make sure the content is fitting, on brand, and not offensive or off-putting.

- Find your niche

Social media is FULL of segmented communities, so find yours! By searching hashtags and related users, you’ll most likely find people interested in the same things as you - and maybe even your products!

- Stay consistent (visually)

Make sure you’re using similar presets, lighting, and colors in your posts. That will establish a “brand” and something that’s aesthetically pleasing to follow. Plus, it will create a consistent theme that builds trust in a brand from a consumer standpoint.

- Stay consistent (language-wise)

Stay on topic, and always keep a similar voice. Whether your brand is more serious and uniform or funny and carefree, it’s important to maintain that feel, as to not confuse your following.

- Do everything with a personal touch

Social media is only the first step in all of your marketing efforts, not the end all. Brands with a face grow faster and connect easier, so try sending personal messages, letters, and even running things like giveaways. Also, making your content more relatable goes a long way. People are more likely to listen to a human than read a sterile graphic.

- Make it about the INDIVIDUAL

Instead of using phrases like “hey guys” or referring to your fans as “followers”, try to focus on individuals rather than a mass group. Use phrasing that involves the word “YOU” and regularly spotlights specific individuals. Sometimes, a simple response to a comment can go a long way!

If you try out any of these tactics OR want some more help with social media, reach out to the Yonts + Co team today!

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