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How To Build A Good Team Of People

Are you a business owner or team leader looking for ways to ensure your workplace is efficient and still fun? Well, you’re in the right place! Here’s some tips from the Yonts + Co team:

1. Get to know everyone (team building)

This may seem like a given, but hear us out: getting to know who you’re working with is central to building trust and a strong relationship. Do you know where your co-workers are from? What their childhood was like? What they like to do for fun? Even though it’s not related to work, it’s all about building bridges, which will stand strong in the office.

2. Know how people work

Extremely important: know HOW people work. What is their communication style? Favorite time of the day to be productive? Do they have any pet peeves? All of this is key to fostering a productive work relationship, while also keeping the mood up.

3. Be proactive with roles and responsibilities

A work environment can’t thrive if everyone is second guessing their responsibilities or who they need to be collaborating with. As a business owner or team leader, it’s important to clearly delegate tasks and make sure everyone knows what their department is. This will streamline production and cut unnecessary confusion and chaos.

4. Celebrate successes

There’s no “I” in team! Find ways to celebrate each other’s successes, no matter how small or big they are. At the same time, feel each other’s failures and help out when you can. A company can only be as strong as the workers.

5. Work hard and play hard

When the work is done, have fun together! Consider having lunch with your co-workers once a week or finding ways to bond outside of the office.

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