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Recognizing Your Need for a Rebrand.

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Sometimes change is inevitable.

As humans, we go through change all the time. A change in age, a change in maturity, a change in look (thank you puberty)...we all experience these transformations. And so do businesses.

Rebranding: changing the way that an organization, company, or product is seen by the public (Cambridge Dictionary).

But how do you know when your company is ready for a rebrand? What initiates a change in your brand?

We’ve listed 5 ways that should help you understand when the time has come to rebrand:

1. Your Brand Has Undergone Simple Evolution

Maybe you’ve just simply outgrown your brand. If this is the case, then it’s time for a change!

Think about Microsoft or Apple - both brands have evolved overtime. With the change in the digital world, these brands have done a great job of refreshing their looks.

Your brand may need to evolve, and that’s ok! This digital age is extraordinary and we want your brand to stand out in this “new” age.

2. Your Target Demographic Has Changed

Target demographics are the sole basis of ALL businesses. If you don’t know who your brand speaks to, then we think it may be time to rethink your brand all together.

With time, and possibly a change in your services, your audience will also change. If this

Is true for you, it’s rebrand time - YAY! You need a fresh new look and vision that will attract the audience your brand desires.

3. You're Undergoing a Merger or Acquisition

This is pretty much self explanatory.

If you are merging with another company or your brand is acquiring another, then you need a rebrand to display this new idea to the people.

When rebranding for this reason, remember to clearly state the new vision of the new brand. Express the ‘why’ of the merger or acquisition.

4. You Have an Overly Complicated Brand

It’s ok. It’s completely understandable that running a business is HARD.

Brands become too complicated when the messaging gets muddy and the design loses consistency. When this begins to occur, you know it’s time to step back and rebrand.

Really take the time to think about your business as a whole - BIG PICTURE, people! Go through a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis while rebranding


5. You Didn’t Have a Brand From the Start

If we could give one piece of advice to the business word, we would say that a brand is not a logo.

Just because you have a cool look DOES NOT mean that you have a sophisticated BRAND. A brand is so much more than a logo - it’s the entirety of your business to the public eye.

So if you just have a logo, then you need a rebrand. You need to create your overall messaging (from look all the way to verbiage) in a clear and concise way.

So there you have it, folks. We will be the first to say that rebranding is not always easy - but it is certainly necessary.

It’s a big decision to make, but we would love to become apart of your team in helping you make these changes. They’re important...because your brand is important.

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