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Staying Creative When It's Your Job

Working in a creative field, there’s one question that’s often asked and rarely answered: How do you stay creative when it’s your job? Unlike a freelance artist or someone who creates as a hobby, staying “on it” can be difficult when working a 9 - 5 schedule. Luckily, the Yonts + Co team has provided a few tips and tricks that work for us when branding, designing, writing, and more. We hope they’ll work for you! - Music We all know music is awesome way to unwind, dance, and express feelings. However, it’s also a great tool to use when coming up with new ideas. We recommend making a playlist of unique songs you know and like, or utilizing music discovery tools on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, or Pandora. Finding music you’ve never heard that’s still catered to your taste is a great way to start thinking and moving in a new direction. - Take a “brain break” This may seem counterproductive, but we can’t stress it enough. Take a break when you’re feeling overwhelmed! Even unplugging for half an hour to spend time outside, make a healthy snack, or go for a quick jog can get those creative juices flowing. - Strategic searches Use platforms like Pinterest to find new ideas that are still related to your projects and/or interests! - Creating something new Embroider. Knit. Paint. Draw. Write. Don’t put pressure on yourself. Freely create - even 15 minutes of one of these activities everyday can inspire something new while growing your skills in that field. - Stay up to date Find blogs, newsletters, podcasts, and more that are relevant to your field of work. You might learn something new! - Stay social Art is meant to be shared! New ideas are always around the corner - just ask and spend time with people you love doing something creative and/or absorb art. It could be a movie night with your significant other, sidewalk chalk creations with your kids, or going to a concert or art museum with friends. Always keep your “antennae” up for inspiration! - Remember what makes you tick Taking some time to reflect and be rejuvenated by what you know inspires and moves you. If your product/service is meant to help customers, spend time with them and observe your business from their perspective. If you’re a non-profit, try to retrace your steps and realize why you started. Is there something in the world you’re working to change? To make better? Get fired up by remembering where you came from and where you want to go.

Let us know what keeps YOU motivated - and reach out if you want to collaborate on creative for your company!

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