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Team Bonding During Quarantine

In the age of social distancing and working from home, it might seem impossible to bond with team members. Staying in touch is already so limited! However, the Yonts + Co team has a few ideas on how to grow closer to your teammates, build trust, have some fun, and increase productivity. - Regular Zoom meetings Zoom: the video conference platform that has kept the world moving in 2020. While you may already be using this platform, we recommend that you and your team have a regularly scheduled time to convene about life and current projects. For Yonts + Co, we’ve met almost every morning of quarantine on Zoom to check in AND check off work from our lists. Not only is this a great channel to give you some socialization, it’s also important to keep productivity alive and hold each other accountable. It’s definitely a tool that we’ll continue to use, even out of quarantine. PS - check out the fun background filters on Zoom and the internet - they’re a great way to show off some personality and earn some laughs in an early morning meeting. - Personality tests No, we don’t mean the Buzzfeed “What Type Of Pizza Are You?” quizzes (although those can be mindlessly entertaining).

Check out personality assessments like the Enneagram (our personal favorite - we’ll talk more about this soon), Myers-Briggs, DISC Test, or Color Code Personality Test.

We’ve always been strong believers in working AND playing hard - and this allows you to do both by investing in team bonding and future productivity. It will certainly inspire some self-reflection, as well as encouraging you to learn more about your co-workers by sharing results. It’s an awesome way to discover each other’s strengths and weaknesses - and be better team players. With or without quarantine, this is a great idea for all work environments to participate in. - Send encouraging letters At the beginning of our quarantine back in March, we decided to send letters to each other by drawing names, Secret Santa style. It really helped us grow even more admiration for our co-workers and show some love in these uncertain times. Just a few encouraging words can go a long way! Let us know what you think of these ideas and tag us on socials if you put them to work!

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