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What We Learned In Quarantine

The Yonts + Co team is now back in the office (with masks and social distancing measures still in place), to serve you and your company! After several weeks working from home and only seeing each other on Zoom, we learned a LOT. Here’s what our team members learned both professionally and personally! Johnnie Professionally speaking, I learned a lot in quarantine. I think one of the biggest lessons was discipline. I was homeschooled at the end of high school due to my touring schedule, so I already knew what working from home was like. While it can feel less motivating at first, I found practices that helped me retain my normal work schedule and remain on top of my projects. Aside from that, I was reminded of what a great team I work with and the accountability we have. Thanks to many Zoom calls, we stayed (virtually) close as ever. I also learned a ton personally throughout my time social distancing. Even though I’m outgoing, I’m an introvert at heart who loves independence and some solitude. While it was sometimes difficult not living my life as normal, I truly believe quarantine was a great time for us to grow and work on ourselves. I prioritized self-care by working out everyday and practicing meditation to recenter. It was so rewarding! I also raised a couple thousand dollars for charity through a “Quarantine Concert” on my Instagram, read some books, watched documentaries, taught my puppy Ruby some new tricks, and definitely played too much Animal Crossing. Seriously, guys… I made so much money through selling turnips in the stalk market. Through all of this, I learned that it’s okay to say no, stay home, and turn off my phone. I’m kind of a modern hippie already, but I plan on taking these practices of unplugging and staying present forward. I believe giving ourselves the permission and grace to do this is so important - I would 100% encourage everyone to give it a try in this crazy world. Sarah Quarantine has been interesting, to say the least. I feel like there’s been no shortage of life lessons learned from the past few months (or has it been years? I can’t even tell anymore!) One of the biggest things that I’ve learned is the importance of letting go. Letting go of my desires for comfort, my expectations on other people, my plans for my life, and my attempts at grasping for control. I’ve learned that letting go does not render me aimless. In fact, it re-focuses me on who I am and what I believe at the core of my being. Letting go has created space that I didn’t know I needed, and allowed me to be mindful about how I fill that space. Quarantine suddenly made everything intentional. Everything I did throughout the day was weighed carefully, and my decisions became much more thoughtful. My time was MY time, with no distractions... and it was actually super freeing! As someone who is typically indecisive, it’s been challenging, but also life-giving, to allow myself to make decisions based on intentional thought. When all of this started, I was panicked and stressed and felt very aware of how quickly I became lonely. But I think ‘letting go’ has shown me the importance of valuing my own company, and I’m really grateful for that. Nate One of the first things I did while under quarantine / self isolating was to create a daily schedule, and I learned that I work extremely well when I have a structure to base things on. So the rest of my writing will be structured in a bullet list:

- How to cut up, and fry, a whole chicken.

- And make stock from the leftovers. - Jumped on the sourdough starter / bread-making trend. - Cooking is a surprisingly creative outlet. - How to make hot dog / burger buns that taste like Hawaiian Sweet Rolls. - The blend tool in illustrator is amazing. - It’s important to get outside everyday. - Became more comfortable with photos / videos of myself. - Thanks, Zoom. - Everyone’s situation is affected by different circumstances, so comparisons are useless. - You can’t plan for everything. - Which means sometimes you have to be flexible and accept a lack of control. - Everybody needs daily downtime. - The more effort you put into something, the more likely you are to get results.


Have perspective. Play hard. Set realistic expectations. Communicate through the chaos.

As the Business Owner of Yonts + Co - well, I learned to roll with the punches many days, because everyday seemed to come with new challenges. The coronavirus hit hard and fast across America. The Yonts + Co team immediately communicated with clients to strategy plans and pivot with all communication. Fast forward a week and we were at home, with kids, and uncertainty across all aspects of our lives. I learned another level of patience. Patience with our kids, our clients, and my team. I generally have so much patience, but by week probably four, it became harder that this was our reality of #healthyathome. Starting each day with a positive mindset was something I strived to do. As I saw our kiddos struggle by not seeing their friends, we found new ways to communicate. We wrote letters back and forth between neighborhood friends and delivered them with treats on our bikes. Flashlight tag as a family and game nights were the new norm and I LOVED EVERY MINUTE! I learned that some days I would not get through my to do list - let’s be honest, most days. I generally learn something different everyday, and that is exactly what it looked like. New information, new state mandated closures, new strategies daily. The biggest takeaway from this time in quarantine as it relates to Yonts + Co, is setting realistic expectations of time. Taking care of clients is the livelihood of our agency. I knew we were going to do the right things in every situation to take care of ourselves and our clients. Small businesses are the heartbeat of our community and our country. I own another small business too, PopWorks. It is an artisan popsicle company and we had to create a game plan to survive. As the Business Owner of PopWorks (an artisan pop company) - we had to learn to pivot and focus on taking our ice cold pops to our consumers. We were overwhelmed with the response of mom, dads, kids, and grandparents alike wanting us to come to their neighborhood. We had to plan our weeks on the weather and focus on the customer. We also have locations in a coffee shop (WellCoffee) in Nashville, those we put on hold… so we are refocusing on completing those orders now Tennessee is opening back up. Communication is key and we were and still are hyper focused on communicating our brand to consumers.


Let us know how you spent your quarantine!

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